Intelligent Automation for Training and Education

How can you automate the learning process in large organizations and still create an experience that is tailored to each individual?
Our ‘Conversational Learning’ platform uses AI and Cognitive Neuroscience to accelerate learning and drive maximum results.

How Does This Work?

1.) Connect, Engage, Inspire

Give each member of your team the coaching conversation they need – then automatically track and measure success.

2.) Build Mastery

Give every member of the team the consistent, specific, personalized feedback they need to succeed.

3.) Always On, Nearly Everywhere

Our chatbot never gets tired or too busy to help. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can pick up your private coaching session right where you left off, from nearly anywhere.

Who’s Behind BrainyBot™ Platform?

Hi! I’m Margie Meacham –
The Brain Lady

While many others are starting to talk about AI in training and education, Margie has been pioneering practical applications, evangelizing best practices, and building award-winning bots for her clients.

In 2015, Margie Meacham became one of the first instructional design experts to apply neuroscience to instructional design. She built the top-selling virtual certificate program, Brain-Based Learning, for the Association of Talent Development (ATD), and followed that up by serving as the lead Subject Matter Expert for the new Adult Learning Certificate. She also contributed to the latest version of ATD’s Talent Development Body of Knowledge (TDBoK™). 2017, she began designing AI-based platforms for learning, including a fully automated learning coach for the United Nations. Her suite of targeted-use chatbots, BrainyBots™, won the Tech & Learning Excellence award for educational technology in 2021.

Margie’s blog has been recognized by Feedspot as one of the Top blogs on neuroscience and AI. She also writes for ATD’s Science of Learning Blog and TD magazine, eLearning Learning, Enterprise Viewpoint, and more. She is recognized as a member of the 100 Most Talent Learning Professionals and won the Brandon Hall Award for custom content.

She is the author of AI in Talent Development: Capitalize on the AI Revolution to Transform the Way You Work, Learn, and Live and Brain Matters: How to help anyone learn anything using neuroscience.

Margie’s Podcasts

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Here’s What The Success Looks Like

If you’re looking for chatbots that teach, coach, and support performance, check out Learningtogo’s award-winning BrainyBots™.
Many folks are jumping into the field right now, but these folks have been building bots exclusively for training and education since 2017.

Many of you may know Margie Meacham. This is her field and she’s an expert!

Joe Ganci

Owner, eLearning Joe

Margie’s knowledge about how people think and learn – specifically applied to the workplace – is a wonder to behold. She has spent years honing her craft in order to ensure that employee learning outcomes are achieved and organizations are better for their L+D interventions. I look forward to every opportunity I have to work with Margie.

Gaurav Gautam

Director-Learning Services at MRCC

I had the pleasure of working with Margie on multiple e-learning projects. I was intrigued by Margie’s level of professionalism and interpersonal skills when dealing with unique personalities. In addition, Margie is a superb Instructional Designer and teacher. She understands the art and science behind developing instructional content and how to properly articulate her methodology.

Lisa Barnstrom

(Retired) Past Training Manager, SWOG Cancer Research Network

Margie is one of those gems you always want to have working for you. She does excellent work, on time, within budget, and right the first time. I have hired her more than once because she is such a pleasure to work with.

Tameka Williams

Program Manager of Training Design, Institute for Supply Management

Margie was a critical partner in the design of a new instructional product, and I appreciated her eagerness, her passion for the learner, and her flexibility and openness. This project required collaboration across a global team, and Margie navigated that dynamic beautifully. She built rapport and trust in a 100% virtual environment, which is no small feat. Margie is an asset to any project that requires innovation, collaboration, and learner-centered design.

Stephanie Sullivan

Vice President, Worforce Learning Solutions, LearningMate

Margie brings outstanding expertise, utmost professionalism, energy, thorough research, and brilliant out of the box thinking to every endeaver she undertakes. Every interaction I have personally had with Margie is a breath of fresh air and insight. She is a superb team player; she makes every member of the team feel like a valued participant. She has a knack for pulling together people and ideas to create great results!

Michelle Schnorr

Instructional Design Senior Consultant, Wells Fargo

Margie is hands-down one of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. The thought leadership she brought to the project I hired her for was outstanding. She was instrumental is helping to strategize a solution that was fun, creative and exceeded the expectations of senior leaders in the company. I would hire Margie again and again.

Leianne Jones

Program Manager, American Express

Margie … is an expert in the instructional design industry, with the ability to handle every aspect of an instructional design project competently and with outstanding people skills. She designed a number of high-visibility projects in a variety of content areas: customer service, call center, technical skills, leadership, software, and more.

Trudi Drake

CEO & Owner, Baldwin Drake Consulting, LLC.

… Margie has traits which other people can only emulate. She is an excellent strategist with futuristic approach and an inveterate professional when it comes to delivering the result.

Nanette Miner

Managing Consultant, The Training Doctor, LLC.

Thanks again for a wonderful session; it was engaging, thought-provoking, and so helpful in a world of advancing technology.

Program Director

ATD Puget Sound chapter

Explore Margie’s Books

Brain Matters: How to Help Anyone Learn Anything Using Neuroscience

If you had the chance to be with DaVinci, Galileo, or Curie at their greatest moment of discovery, would you take it?

If you said “yes,” then you’re in luck. The human race is embarking on a great adventure—discovering how the brain works by watching it in the process of cognition. Neuroscientists are starting to unlock the code that makes the brain work, thus enabling them to give educators, teachers, corporate trainers, and mentors new tools to help people learn.

AI in Talent Development

In AI in Talent Development, Margie Meacham describes the benefits, uses, and risks of AI technology and offers practical tools to strengthen and enhance learning and performance programs.

In layman’s terms, Meacham demonstrates how we can free time for ourselves by employing a useful robot “assistant,” create a chatbot for specific tasks (such as a new manager bot, a sales coach bot, or new employee onboarding bot), and build personalized coaching tools from AI-processed big data. She concludes each of the six chapters with helpful tips and includes a resource guide with planning tools, templates, and worksheets.

Recognized as one of the Top Neuroscience Blogs in the World by Feedspot

The Brain Science Of Keeping Resolutions

Margie Meacham

Future of the Workforce

The Brain Science Of Keeping Resolutions

Margie Meacham

A Brief History of AI

The Brain Science Of Keeping Resolutions

Margie Meacham

Solving the Leadership Crisis with Neuroscience


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