Deliver Personalized Instruction and Learner Support with AI-Driven Intelligent Automation

What if you could be available 24/7 to answer student questions, explain assignments, and recommend additional resources? BrainyBot™ adapts to each student’s needs through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
This product gives instructors the flexibility to harness the power of AI to deliver on-demand, customized support to every student – anytime, anywhere. It comes with an easy-to-use template, so there is no need to learn code or develop specialized skills. Just fill in your course content, publish, and share the link with students. The detailed analytics provide insight into how each student is engaging with the bot, what they’ve learned, and where they are struggling.
BrainyBot™ delivers an engaging learning experience that satisfies your brain’s desire for connection. Through Intelligent Automation, the bot adapts to the communication style and learning needs of each student. It’s like having thousands of highly qualified teaching assistants available 24 x 7.
If you’re looking for chatbots that teach, coach, and support performance, check out Learningtogo’s award-winning BrainyBots™.
Many folks are jumping into the field right now, but these folks have been building bots exclusively for training and education since 2017.

Many of you may know Margie Meacham. This is her field and she’s an expert!

Joe Ganci

Owner, eLearning Joe

Margie’s knowledge about how people think and learn – specifically applied to the workplace – is a wonder to behold. She has spent years honing her craft in order to ensure that employee learning outcomes are achieved and organizations are better for their L+D interventions. I look forward to every opportunity I have to work with Margie.

Gaurav Gautam

Director-Learning Services at MRCC

What is it?

BrainyBot™ is NOT traditional eLearning, which takes an ineffective “one size fits all” approach to engaging students (BORING!). Rather, it uses a proprietary platform to transform the learning experience into a series of one-to-one conversations that evolve to everyone’s needs. You can receive detailed reports to help you fine-tune the experience and update your content whenever things change. Providing this level of support to each customer or employee in your organization would be nearly impossible without this powerful, new technology.

How does it work?

The human brain craves social interaction, and learns best through conversation, exploration, and practice. But in today’s hyper-connected digital world, these learning experiences can be hard to deliver at scale. BrainyBot™ delivers a consistent, but highly personalized experience any time of day or night, anywhere the Internet or your company intranet is available.
Through our proprietary platform and brain-based design methodology, we’ve identified several uses of chatbots and built different bots designed for specific purposes. With BrainyBot™, all you have to do is answer a few questions about your organization, your content, and your learners. We’ll build it for you, test it, and help you install it. As results come in, we’ll help you analyze learner patterns and gain new insights into the learning process.

But isn’t it expensive?

Our proprietary BrainyBot™ platform makes it possible for most organizations to integrate it into their existing programs and budget. It requires no additional equipment to use, no investment in specialized software and training, and can be integrated into virtually any learning delivery system – an LMS, social media, a smartphone, or a school intranet. If a student can connect to the Internet, they can connect with BrainyBot™.


Welcome Aboard Bot

One of the most stressful periods in anyone’s career are those first few weeks in a new job. There are so many details to take care of, and so many changes in the way you do everyday tasks. BrainyBot™ Onboard can take the stress out of this busy time and help new employees and their managers keep track of important dates for setting up technology, meeting colleagues and clients, accessing reference material, completing HR paperwork, and registering for training.
Got tons of jargon for new folks to learn? BrainyBot™ Acronyms is ready to go – just plug in your custom or industry terms and make all that jargon instantly understandable for all your employees and customers (not just the new folks.)

HR Training Bot

Employee Training Essentials via a Chatbot
A suite of HR-related training courses delivered through interactive chatbots for an effective mobile learning experience.

Product Training Bot

Don’t make employees or customers suffer through long and boring eLearning or pages and pages of product manuals. BrainyBot™ Product can answer questions about each product or service and offer links to videos, whitepapers, order forms and other assets. Even your newest sales agent can seem like an expert in your entire product line with this handy bot at their side. Are your “products” really services? No problem! This bot is ready to tell your story!

Sales Training Bots

Traditional eLearning may be able to tell your team how to sell to your customers, but it can’t give them the realistic, engaging practice they need to become proficient and confident. BrainyBot™ Sales is a suite of bots ready to help your team develop their sales skills, including prospecting, qualifying, presenting solutions, handling objections, and closing the sale. Use our ready-to-go package built on our research into the best brain-based selling skills available today or customize to fit your own sales approach or focus on just one skill that you need to improve right now. You’ll drive consistency and speed up the development of new sales professionals with BrainyBot™ Sales

New Supervisor Bot

New Supervisors face a whole new set of challenges. They must get up to speed fast on a wide range of HR policies, laws, and regulations, all while learning how to schedule, evaluate, and pay their employees. Where do they get the time to learn how to become a better leader and coach? BrainyBot™ Lead is ready to answer all the supervisor’s questions. Use our pre-populated content and add in specific information to customize this learning experience.

Assessment Bot

Tired of writing boring multiple-choice quizzes that don’t come close to telling if someone really knows how to apply what you’ve taught them in training? BrainyBot™ Assessment is designed to re-create the classic “oral evaluation” by having a conversation with your learner to identify more what they really know – and where they need help filling in the gaps. Pair this bot with your existing training and watch learner engagement, retention, and application improve!

Reflection Bot

Perhaps one of the most overlooked gaps in online education today is the absence of time to reflect on what we’ve learned. In today’s fast-paced online experience, students are tempted to simply scan digital content, and may miss essential nuances as a result. BrainyBot™ Reflection is designed to deliver thought-provoking questions that challenge the learner to slow down, review progress, examine insights, and seek out more learning opportunities. Think of it as a learning coach, sitting on your shoulder and reminding you to relax. Is mindfulness a practice you want to cultivate in your organization? BrainyBot™ Reflection comes pre-programmed to guide your learners through thoughtful, introspective conversations.

Course Assistant Bot

Self-paced training can be overwhelming and frustrating for learners of all levels – and there’s no one around to answer their questions! BrainyBot™ Course can expand the learning experience beyond your virtual or face-to-face classroom with real-time coaching and access to supporting materials, bonus videos, or assignments. BrainyBot™ Course instantly transforms your existing training into a more engaging experience with a completely new way for learners to connect with your content.

Learning Journey Bot

Professional development isn’t a single event – it’s a journey. Help your team make the most of all the great training opportunities you already have with BrainyBot™ Journey. This bot is designed to interview your employee and make recommendations based on their job description or role, level of experience, and personal development goals. The bot remembers each individual “client,” and can pick up the consulting experience right where they left off. It can also gently nudge learners to register for or complete training that is part of their journey.


Let’s face it. Absolutely no one reads all those Frequently Asked Questions documents that your organization keeps cranking out. But the information buried inside those documents is really valuable – if only we could find a way to get it into the hands of curious users. With BrainyBot™ FAQ you can quickly convert those FAQ documents into real-time conversations that not only tell people what they need to know – it will tell you which questions really are “most frequent” through our back-end reporting.

Event Bot

Online events, expos, conferences, and company functions are great opportunities for employees and customers to learn and connect. But how can you keep attendees informed of all the great things that are happening in your event? BrainyBot™ Event will give your next event that “wow” factor – and make it an experience everyone will remember.

How Can I Tell if BrainyBot™ is right for me?

The best way to get started is with a free consultation. Our founder, “Brain Lady” Margie Meacham will meet you to brainstorm the best solution to your problem. Why not book a session today and see how easy and affordable “training assistants” can transform your learning experience?

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