BrainyBot™ Employee Training Essentials

Deliver DEI, Compliance, CyberSecurity and other required training to everyone in your organization – through fun conversations that don’t even feel like training!
HR Essentials Phishing course on SMS on a phone and on a laptop on MS teams


BrainyBot™ delivers class content in a new way that takes advantage of the human brain’s desire for connection. The bot adapts to the communication style and learning needs of each student. It’s like having thousands of highly qualified teaching assistants available 24 x 7. HRBot™ is a type of BrainyBot™. Learn more about the other types of BrainyBot™ here. Below are the different types of training essentials available for the HRBot™

Included Courses

There are nine training essentials courses available. Each chatbot course is an HR-related training with dynamic conversational training. Each course also includes a month of post-training to ensure the content sticks.

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Device Security

The basics of keeping your workstation and mobile device secure are based on a clean desk policy.

Sexual Harassment

An overview of the three types of sexual harassment and how to create a safe work environment.

Corporate Ethics

Learn what is and isn’t ethical and helps learners practice identifying unethical situations.

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Unconscious Bias Awareness

Identify common biases and how they can affect the workplace.

Handling Tough Conversations

Tackle strategies to confidently handle tough conversations.

Empathy Training

Review what workplace empathy is, types of empathy, and how to display empathy at work.

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Phishing Awareness

Identify common phishing scenarios and learn to protect data and devices from phishing attempts.

Sensitivity Awareness

Learn common sensitivity issues in the workplace, how to recognize them, and how to create a more sensitive workplace.

Basic Negotiation

Learn negotiation strategies and has learners practice negotiating in common workplace situations.

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